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"We find a way where there is no way"

US Army 82nd Airborne Division First Lieutenant Clint Lorance after walking out of Leavenworth Prison after accepting a full & unconditional pardon from the President of the United States

Don't Lose Hope
When Everyone Else Walks Out, We Walk In

Going against the Government can be intimidating, and navigating the complex justice system can feel overwhelming. Through extensive interviews, deep research, and a belief that there's always another option, we help our clients resolve their legal trouble so they can get back to living the life of freedom they fought so hard to give others. Any matter related to the military, we tackle, to include USERRA litigations.

The Team. The Experience. The Connections.

We'll Take Your Case As Far As Necessary.

Justice for Warriors Caucus 10 17 2019.j

In-Depth Military & Civilian Experience

We didn't just serve in the military, we deployed overseas and know the ins and outs of today's modern military justice system. 

Investigative Capabilities

We uncover evidence few people can access by using today's war-fighting technology, namely biometrics and top-tier professional investigators.

John N. Maher (back row, middle) working with six United States Congressmen of the Justice for Warriors congressional caucus to prepare for First Sergeant John Hatley's parole board.

Well-Connected Action Takers

We know the key players, how to secure the witnesses, argue your case in court, and (if necessary) do a full-frontal media campaign. We're doers, not talkers.

As Appearing On
Don Brown Cover.jpg

Maher Legal Services is prominently featured in Don Brown's instant bestseller--Travesty of Justice

See Us Featured In

Click to hear John Maher begin the narration for the STARZ Leavenworth Documentary

Some of Our Landmark Cases
Lorance Full and Unconditional Pardon 11

"Colonel Maher made me believe in the legal system again. He doesn’t just raise the bar - Maher's Team Convinced Me to Graduate from Law School"- Clint Lorance

After the President's Pardon, We Successfully Litigated that a Pardon is Not a Legal Confession of Guilt in Federal Civilian Courts

US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit finds that Lorance's Acceptance of the President's Full & Unconditional Pardon is not a Legal Confession of Guilt.

Dustin Heard Pardon.png
Dustin w Kids.jpg

Dustin Heard, reunited with his family after years of unlawful imprisonment.

Raven 23 Freed.png

If I had you at trial, I'm sure I wouldn't have gone to prison.  

Dustin Heard

What Other Clients Have to Say

R Tamas.jpg

Rudolf Tamas

Suburban Chicago Police Dept.

A corrupt police station accused me of something I didn't do. I had to quickly prove I was innocent. Not knowing what to do, I turned to Mr. Maher. He proved my innocence and because of him I have my job, and my freedom. 

Kathryn Fontaine.jpeg

Kathryn Fontaine

USMC Retired, US Dep't of Labor

My first attorney treated my case as an afterthought; I felt like a bother to her. With Mr. Maher, I felt like I was finally heard, understood and represented! He gave my case his full attention and his work yielded my best possible outcome.

Pete M.jpg

Pete McCollaum

US Army Special Forces, LTC (R)​

Most attorneys talk big but then hand your case off to a junior partner or law clerk. With John, you can expect his close personal attention. If you were my friend or family in the most dire of straits, he is the attorney I would recommend. 

A short letter from one of the families who served with American Forces who are now safely in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Major General Mohammad Tahir Mohmand served with distinction in the fight for freedom in Afghanistan.

MG Mohammad Tahir Mohomand Letter.jpg
John at Desk

                       USERRA Protects Your Civilian Job

    A former USERRA Plaintiff 
We Know How to Fight and Win

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