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The Most Comprehensive

Legal Defense Possible

We Find a Way When it Seems There is No Way

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The Federal Government doesn't like to lose. Bringing your case against it requires a strategic and comprehensive approach most attorneys simply aren't prepared for. We've spent years developing the kind of team it takes to argue today's most complicated cases.

We Investigate

We not only examine every legal option available, we also have the connections & technology to do a new, comprehensive investigation. 

We Defend

We find the solutions, whether litigation or negotiation, and take aggressive steps with your involvement to achieve success.

We Advocate

We don't just draft, file, and argue your case, we also create a social media and public relations campaign on your behalf.

More Satisfied Clients

 "My case was a very complicated--involving the UCMJ and multiple military appeals. John flew into Memphis to meet me. His attention to detail and strong leadership, and continual updates, gave me full confidence. He's the best choice for any military cases."


"Incredible work! John showed vested interest in not only the case itself, but the long-term affect the outcomes would have on my family and career. John was available whenever my family and I needed him. I not only received incredible legal advice, but also a close personal friend!" 

USMC Ret., Police Officer

Allan Moser

Rob Sarra

In Action

Media Coverage that Creates Awareness 

The right attorneys can be the difference between success and failure. Anywhere and everywhere we need to get the word out about your case, we do it. We are a legal team that creates the news, not just reacts to it.

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