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  • John Maher

Raven 23 Freed. Justice Finally Done.

Congratulations and welcome home Dustin Heard!

Maher Legal Services is proud to have helped secure a pardon from President Trump to free decorated Marine Corps Combat Veteran Dustin Heard.

Dustin was in unconstitutionally incarcerated for his bravery under fire as a civilian contractor in war torn Iraq as part of Raven 23's protecting of American diplomats against enemy attack.

Dustin and his daughter on the day they were reunited.
Dustin Heard reunited with his family.


Dustin Heard is a decorated combat Marine and we believe the President exercised his constitutional powers to check and balance another branch of government who got it wrong.

Our constitutional system provides for this action, and on the facts of Dustin's case, the President did the right thing where the courts, in this instance, came up short.

Partisanship aside, Dustin is an American who fought in uniform, and to protect American diplomats in an unforgiving war zone.

To send him home to his loving family before the holiday is befitting of our country's traditions of the rule of law.

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