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Actually Mr. President, brain injuries CAN be very serious combat injuries

Frank Larkin, former Navy SEAL, Secret Service Agent, and 40th Sergeant-at-Arms of the United States Senate delivers a compelling and personal message in response to comments the President made this week that those who experienced head trauma from the recent Iranian attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq are "not very serious" injuries. Mr. Larkin's son, also a SEAL, took his own life after struggling with TBI that was found to be the result of the concussive trauma incurred during missions as a sniper and using explosives to breach doors and other obstacles. Read Frank Larkin's letter.

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24 janv. 2020

John, as you know I’m a Vietnam combat veteran. Our commande-in-chief avoided the “conflict” with daddy’s help. He doesn’t understand, nor does he want to. What a pity.

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